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2000 AD Prog 1083 – Cover Date 24th February 1…

2000 AD Prog 1083 – Cover Date 24th February 1998
Watch The Skies! Is This The End For The Men In Black?

Cover art by Dermot Power

In regards to the question posed by the cover – no, this is not the end for the Men in Black. However, we are nearing the end. Vector 13 closes it’s current run this prog but it will be back for at least one more batch of episodes later this year.

Judge Dredd: Missing also concludes this week with a satisfying wrap up involving a weaponised chandelier. Sinister Dexter was a bit of a weird one this week but a superb one-off Nikolai Dante more than compensates.

Next week is going to be interesting as 2000 AD celebrates it’s 21st birthday with a 48 page special – which was on sale for two weeks, a precurser to the 21st century’s christmas specials perhaps.

In this prog:

Judge Dredd: Missing
Script: John Wagner / Art: Lee Sullivan / Colours: Alan Craddock / Letters: Tom Frame

Sinister Dexter: The Merry Weirdo
Script: Dan Abnett / Art: Neal Brand / Letters: Ellie De Ville

Nikolai Dante: The Trouble With Arbatovs
Script: Robbie Morrison / Art: Simon Fraser / Colours: Alison Kirkpatrck / Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Vector 13: Case Six – Godhead Revisited
Script: Dan Abnett / Art: Neal Brand / Colours: Dondie Cox / Letters: Steve Potter

Durham Red: The Scarlet Cantos
Script: Dan Abnett / Art: Mark Harrison / Letters: Ellie De Ville

2000 AD Prog 1024 – Cover Date 7th January 1997Warped Warrior!…

2000 AD Prog 1024 – Cover Date 7th January 1997
Warped Warrior! Slaine Searches For The Treasures of Britain
Cover art by Jason Brashill

Published 20 years ago this week.

Four new thrills this week – Slaine returns in the second book of The Treasures of Britain, Janus Psi Division in a strip I barely remember reading the first time, Vector 13 for more Cases, and Sinister Dexter go on holiday. A happy new year!

In this prog:
Slaine: The Treasures of Britain Book Two part 1 – Script: Pat Mills / Art: Dermot Power / Letters: Tom Frame
Janus – Psi Division: Faustus part 1 – Script: Mark Millar & Grant Morrison / Art: Paul Johnson / Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Vector 13 – Case One: Devil In The Deep Blue Sea – Script: Steve White / Art: Henry Flint / Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Sinister Dexter: Gunshark Vacation part 1 – Script: Dan Abnett / Art: SB Davis / Letters: Steve Potter
Judge Dredd: Darkside part 8 – Script: John Smith / Art: Paul Marshall / Colours: Alan Craddock / Letters: Tom Frame
Havok: Pteravre “Razor” – Script: Robbie Morrison / Art: Robert McCallum & David Millgate / Lettering: Annie Parkhouse