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Previews // Prog 2034 ⚫️ Judge Dredd Megazine 384On your…

Previews // Prog 2034 ⚫️ Judge Dredd Megazine 384

On your Thrill-merchant’s book stands this week…

Super-stoked to see mercurial magician. Brendan McCarthy return to Judge Dredd on this week’s two-parter, Hoverods. The artist was responsible for influencing the lawman’s look for a new generation of artists, following on from predecessors and contemporaries like Mick McMahon and Carlos Ezquerra, despite having his own distinctive visual style…or styles – he’s not referred to as the Great Reverso for nothing! 

Check out his amazing work in films and television for evidence of his breathtaking skill, most recently, awesome concept art on Mad Max: Fury Road.

As usual his panels are riotous swathes of glorious technicolour, reminding us that comic book art can be action-packed fun, but still dealing with mature themes without being dour, grim-faced so-called superheroes – which I guess is why he keeps returning, albeit sporadically, to the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!

Watch out for a crackling crescendo of colour cover art from McCarthy, next Prog!

This week’s creepy cover however, comes from the talented, Paul Davidson, featuring zombie scares from DEFOE.

Elsewhere, Colin MacNeil’s monochromatic shading in DEFOE brings an even more sinister edge to Pat Mills & Leigh Gallagher’s Middle Ages zombie thriller.

Also, BRINK & SCARLET TRACES, from the equally talented creative teams of Dan Abnett & INJ Culbard and Ian Edginton & D’Israeli, keep us coming back for more every week, with their thought-provoking, gripping yarns of off-world intrigue..

Splundid vur Thrigg, you lucky Earthlets!

Mega-City One, 2139 AD. Home to over 72 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Tensions rest on a constant knife-edge, and only the zero-tolerance Judges — empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDDhe is the Law!  T.C. Eglington (w) / Brendan McCarthy (a).
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

The late 21st century, and through environmental catastrophe and industrial overload Earth has been reduced to a uninhabitable wasteland. Mankind finally evacuated the planet in 2072 and millions were housed in a number of deep-space Habitats. Bridget Kurtis, investigator with the Habitat Security Division, was involved in a sect-crime case that saw her partner murdered. Now, she’s a consultant on a new Habitat build…
Brink created by Dan Abnett & INJ Culbard

1671. It is five years since London was devastated by the Great Fire, the inferno caused by a comet passing over the capital, and from the ashes rose the undead, hungry for the flesh of the living. Protecting the populace is former Leveller Titus DEFOE, who led an elite squad of zombie hunters. Having defeated the evil magician Faust, who was controlling the stenches, he tried to retire — but the reeks have returned once more… Pat Mills (w) / Colin MacNeil (a).
Defoe created by Pat Mills & Leigh Gallagher

1968. It is several decades since Mars waged war on Earth, and the major nations have access to Martian-derived technology. Britain, however, is still recovering from Martian bombardment in the 1940s, when much of the south of England was destroyed. This was followed by the arrival in the 1950s of two million Venusians, seeking refuge from Martian occupation. Now, the Martians are planning to wipe out the solar system…
Scarlet Traces created by Ian Edginton & D’Israeli

The planet that eventually became known as DEADWORLD was once a regular civilisation existing in a dimension parallel to our own. But the end of days is coming: riots, storms, food shortages. Creatures known as the Dark Judges are spreading their contagion, exterminating all life. Judge Fairfax and his ward Jess are being held by the resistance, but the militia stronghold has been infiltrated by the Dark Judges
Cursed: The Fall of Deadworld created by Kek-W & Dave Kendall

Not enough Thrills for you? Well, have a little lie down first, then go and get the latest Judge Dredd Megazine #384 and get yer fill o’ Thrills in the always exciting world of Judge Dredd

Powerful psychic shenanigans on the cover featuring, of course, Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson, from series artist Paul Marshall.

Also included in this month’s mighty Megazine are creative contributions from toop UK talents, including, Alan Grant (Batman), Dredd regular scribe, Tom ‘T.C.’ Eglington, Si Spencer (Harke & Burr, Hellblazer-Eastenders!) & Dan Abnett (Sinister Dexter, Kingdom, etc..), and unbelievable art from the likes of Karl Richardson ( Judge Dredd, Grey Area, Outlier) Paul Marshall (Judge Dredd, Firekind, Ulysses Sweet), Henry Flint (Judge Dredd, Zombo, Shakara) & Phil Winslade (Goddess, Lawless, Daredevil) – Zarjaz!

Mega-City One, 2139 AD. This vast urban hell on the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America is home to over 72 million citizens. Crime is rampant, and stemming the chaos are the Judges, empowered to dispense instant justice. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd he is the Law! Now,
brother and sister Theo and Rea have witnessed a Mob hit, and become targets themselves… T.C. Eglington (w). Karl Richardson (a).
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra 

Nu-Iceland, 2139 AD. Nestled within the frozen tundra is the domed city of HAVN, a hermetically sealed community with an artificially sustained environment, all controlled by the computer network ASKJA. There is little crime in HAVN, and those lucky enough to live within it walls want for nothing. Native Alfar Abby, who has been living there under a guise, has now been caught… Si Spencer (w). Henry Flint (a). Eva de la Cruz ©.
HAVN created by Si Spencer & Jake Lynch

Mega-City One, 2139 AD. Psi-Div is a section that specialises in Judges with accentuated psychic talents – from precognition to exorcism, it is at the forefront in the war against supernatural crime. Cassandra Anderson is Justice Department’s top telepath, and is now escaping from a hidden fortress in the Cursed Earth, where she’s been held prisoner… Alan Grant (w). Paul Marshall (a). Dylan Teague ©.
Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson created by John Wagner & Brian Bolland

Colonial Marshal Metta Lawson was appointed to the frontier township of Badrock on the planet 43 Rega, intent on stamping her authority on the colony. But in doing so, Lawson made many enemies, including Munce, Inc., the mega-corporation that funds Badrock, which has attempted to have her killed. Now, Munce is planning to dispose of Badrock once and for all…
Lawless created by Dan Abnett & Phil Winslade

2000 AD Prog 1028 – Cover Date 4th January 1997Dredd Vs. Dredd…

2000 AD Prog 1028 – Cover Date 4th January 1997
Dredd Vs. Dredd Darkside – The Final Conflict

Cover art by Paul Marshall

Published 20 years ago this week!

Judge Dredd: Darkside finally concludes this prog. It’s not before time given the strange wandering journey the story has taken us on. Very exciting preview for future thrills of 1997 though – Nikolai Dante is less than two months away from us!

And I had to include Simon Davis’ painting of Bikini Atolls AKA Demi Octavo.

In this prog:
Slaine: The Treasures of Britain Book Two part 5 – Script: Pat Mills / Art: Dermot Power / Letters: Tom Frame
Janus – Psi Division: Faustus part 4 – Script: Mark Millar & Grant Morrison / Art: Paul Johnson / Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Vector 13 – Case Five: Patent Pending – Script: Gordon Rennie / Art: Michael Perkins / Colors: PB Smith / Letters: Ellie De Ville
Sinister Dexter: Gunshark Vacation part 5 – Script: Dan Abnett / Art: SB Davis / Letters: Steve Potter
Judge Dredd: Darkside part 12 – Script: John Smith / Art: Paul Marshall / Colours: Alan Craddock / Letters: Tom Frame
Havok: Suma-Kai – SCript: Robbie Morrison / Art: Robert McCallum & David Millgate / Lettering: Annie Parkhouse

2000 AD Prog 1022 – Cover Date 17th December 1996Shooting Star -…

2000 AD Prog 1022 – Cover Date 17th December 1996
Shooting Star – Venus to the rescue in ‘Rogue Troopers’

Cover art by Jason Brashill, based on a design by Greg Staples

Published 20 years ago this week!

To all things an ending, specifically this week a final, never-to-return ending for both Rogue Troopers and Mambo. Despite both series promising more to come they will never return.

Rogue Troopers gets the cover – more accurately Venus Bluegenes get the gets the cover – as she rescues Friday from the clutches of the Karvannu and together they fly into the black hole to take the fight to the enemy. The final page promises “Rogue Troopers will return!” – but they never have…

Rogue Trooper Friday, 1989 – 1996

Meanwhile in the rest of the prog we have what is probably the first time Garth Ennis wrote former Battle (and recently reassigned to Titan Comics) star Johnny Red – aerial ace of the Eastern Front. This is a fun little cameo as part of this prog’s Time Flies episode. Roger Langridge does a great job of homaging the original series artist John Cooper.

And finally, in Judge Dredd – the big reveal is… revealed. Anyway, it’s zombie Judge Dredd from the City of the Damned story from yonks back. I can’t remember if I’d already figured this out at the time but I suspect I might’ve.

To round off we have a bizarre advert from Nintendo recommending that you DON’T get anyone else’s video game console for Christmas 1996 because in three months time you’ll be able to get an N64! I was happy enough with my Sega Megadrive to be honest.

In this prog:
Mazeworld: The Hanged Man part 9 – By Alan Grant & Arthur Ranson / Lettering by Ellie De Ville
Time Flies: Tempus Fugitive part 8 – Script: Garth Ennis / Art: Roger Langridge / Colours: Simon Jacob / Letters: Steve Potter
Rogue Troopers: Friday part 9 – Script: Dan Abnett and Steve White / Art: Alex Ronald / Colours: Dondie Cox / Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Mambo: Fleshworks part 9 – Script: Dave Hine / Art: Dave Hine / Letters: Ellie De Ville
Judge Dredd: Darkside part 6 – Script: John Smith / Art: Paul Marshall / Colours: Alan Craddock / Letters: Tom Frame
Havok: Nexus Troopers – Script: Robbie Morrison / Art: Robert McCallum & David Millgate / Lettering: Annie Parkhouse