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IDW Judge Dredd Titles – VariousIf you aren’t familiar with IDW…

IDW Judge Dredd Titles – Various

If you aren’t familiar with IDW Comics Judge Dredd (and other 2000AD titles) series, both original and classic reprints, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the terrific books in their diverse library.

Ranging from the aptly-titled Judge Dredd monthly action/adventure comic, through crossovers with other popular characters from many genres and mediums, covering horror, sci-fi, humour and more..

Favourite mash-ups include those pesky alien brainiacs from Mars Attacks, more extra-terrestrial encounters with the top Judge Dredd vs Predator vs Aliens, not to mention Archie and even My Little Pony! Stonking great fun!!

There are also some crackling covers to feast your eyes upon –