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IDW Judge Dredd Titles – VariousIf you aren’t familiar with IDW…

IDW Judge Dredd Titles – Various

If you aren’t familiar with IDW Comics Judge Dredd (and other 2000AD titles) series, both original and classic reprints, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the terrific books in their diverse library.

Ranging from the aptly-titled Judge Dredd monthly action/adventure comic, through crossovers with other popular characters from many genres and mediums, covering horror, sci-fi, humour and more..

Favourite mash-ups include those pesky alien brainiacs from Mars Attacks, more extra-terrestrial encounters with the top Judge Dredd vs Predator vs Aliens, not to mention Archie and even My Little Pony! Stonking great fun!!

There are also some crackling covers to feast your eyes upon –

OK, OK the previews have taken a short break, but they’re…

Judge Dredd: Hot Rod Cop! – Brendan McCarthy (a)

Hunted – The wicked ‘Traitor General’ remains one-step ahead of his nemesis, Rogue Trooper! Richard Elson (a)

The terrifying S.J.S Judge Pin – don’t get in his bad books! Chris Weston (a)

Things get decidedly dodgy in ‘Grey Area’… Art by Mark Harrison

OK, OK the previews have taken a short break, but they’re back, and it also gives us a chance to show you all of our latest covers,

. in their full magnificence!

And what a trio of treasures we have, future classics among them, surely..? And, strangely, mostly portraits – sort of.. 

  • Prog 2034 – The brilliant Brendan McCarthy (Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors, etc..) kicks it, most definitely, off with this typically dangerous, dramatic, dayglo duel, between Dredd and a stupid, or ill informed, mutated perp from the Cursed Earth who thinks he can run from, or even race the fearless lawman…
  • Prog 2035 – The nefarious “Traitor General” – betrayer of the Genetic Infantrymen and long-term quarry of the last surviving G.I., the Rogue Trooper! – art by Richard Elson (Kingdom, Atavar)
  • Prog 2036 – Ruthless S.J.S – (Special Judicial Squad) or ‘the Judges who judge the Judges – veteran, Judge Pin has his own ‘Dexter’-style answer to those he deems unworthy to exist, by his own twisted, mockery of justice.. Stunning cover by top art droid, Chris Weston (Indigo Prime, Judge Dredd)
  • Prog 2037 – ‘Resting Bitch-Face’ & the human crew of the E.T.C, officers of alien quarantine zone, the Grey Area, come up against a seemingly overwhelmingly powerful extraterrestrial invasion force.. Cover by series art droid, Mark Harrison (Durham Red, Bradley).

Star Wars Day!May 4th Be With You!Celebrating all things Star…

Star Wars Day!

May 4th Be With You!

Celebrating all things Star Wars, on today ‘May the Fourth’ of course, is this Galaxy’s Greatest cover (Prog 166) from top art droid, Brian Bolland, a long time ago, in a Thrill-merchant far, far away… May the (20) Fourth 1980, in fact!

Never let it be said Tharg the Mighty didn’t recognise the importance of a little-known sci-fi movie franchise (just 4 days after the UK release of The Empire Strikes Back) – it might go on to be as successful as the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!

Back Off Creeps, He’s Sensitive! You&rsq…

Back Off Creeps, He’s Sensitive!

You’ve got to feel for poor Sensitive Klegg, he saved the life of ’Wally Squad’s finest, helped prevent the assassinations of countless other undercover Judges, as well as having a major hand – or claw – in averting the annihilation of Mega-City One from evil corporation, Overdrive Inc., by destroying their God-City, Luna-2.

Although he received a commendation for his bravery from Mega-City One, settling in the city has proved more problematic. Universally hated and feared from a frankly ungrateful populace, it seems the Big Meg is just not ready to accept the ten-foot man-crocodile, from a race of genocidal alien mercenaries!

Unsuccesful attempts at employment, and speed-dating, whilst dodging intermittently ‘accidental’ falling pieces of heavy furniture, have left Sensitive Klegg feeling decidely disillusioned and unwanted.

In the depths of despair our lonely soul, retires to his cramped, but empty apartment, and with a single crocodile tear sliding down his scaly face, removes his necktie, loops it over a ceiling beam and prepares to end his miserable existence..

However, fate intervenes when his vid-phone buzzes, could this be someone reaching out to him, offering employment opportunities or perhaps a new friendship?

Alas, no, in a twisted act of irony – it is in fact a message from the notorious Hunter’s Club Of Mega-City One, and Sensitive Klegg has been chosen as their next victim! Before the Klegg can even react, he is thrown across the room by a blast, landing in a heap of twisted metal…

Don’t miss next week’s Thrill-powered installment, and find out what’s in store for our unfortunate hero, in

The Heart Is A Lonely Klegg HunterRob Williams (w). Chris Weston (a)