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Staples Nails Dredd!

Staples Nails Dredd!

 Greg Staples has become one of the definitive Judge Dredd artists, belonging in that rich pantheon of top talents; names like Ezquerra, Bolland and McMahon; who’ve made their version of the legendary lawman their own.

These recent superb studies show that the artist still enjoys rendering Mega-City One’s top cop demonstrated by the fun he seems to be having in putting Dredd through his paces out in the Cursed Earth.

The top picture in particular will be familiar with regular readers as Staples produces a stunning tribute to Mick McMahon’s classic cover, from the epic Cursed Earth saga.

Let’s hope the Staples droid can be enticed back to draw some more interior art on Judge Dredd (or another top title) soon, we won’t be disappointed if it’s anything like his last outing, 2013′s hand-painted smash hit horror, Dark Justice (with John Wagner) – see bottom.

G.I. vs. SD!High-class artwork from top art droid, the…

G.I. vs. SD!

High-class artwork from top art droid, the incomparable Chris Weston, for Hachette’s new Ultimate 2000AD Collection (as seen on TV!) – featuring an intensely intriguing barroom arm wrestling contest between two of the galaxy’s hardest – Johnny Alpha, the ultimate bounty hunter and the Rogue Trooper, bred specifically for war by the future’s finest military minds.

Who has the edge: Alpha with his psychic abilities or Rogue’s strength and battlefield tactics, who’re your credits on…?