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Preview // Prog 2031A group of misguided Mega-City radicals, the…

Preview // Prog 2031

A group of misguided Mega-City radicals, the ‘Sons of Booth’, twisted by the beliefs of ex-President Robert L. ‘Bad BobBooth, are convinced the insane former leader is still alive, and are demanding his return… 

Imposing cover art from veteran art droid, Cliff Robinson.

Mega-City One, 2139 AD. Home to over 72 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Tensions rest on a constant knife-edge, and only the zero-tolerance Judges — empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDDhe is the Law! Now, a group of radicals demanding the return of ex-President Booth are planning action against Justice DepartmentT.C. Eglington (w) / Nick Dyer (a).
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

The late 21st century, and through environmental catastrophe and industrial overload Earth has been reduced to a uninhabitable wasteland. Mankind finally evacuated the planet in 2072 and millions were housed in a number of deep-space Habitats. Bridget Kurtis, investigator with the Habitat Security Division, was involved in a sect-crime case that saw her partner murdered. Now, she’s a consultant on a new Habitat build…
Brink created by Dan Abnett & INJ Culbard

1671. It is five years since London was devastated by the Great Fire, the inferno caused by a comet passing over the capital, and from the ashes rose the undead, hungry for the flesh of the living. Protecting the populace is former Leveller Titus DEFOE, who led an elite squad of zombie hunters. Having defeated the evil magician Faust, who was controlling the stenches, he tried to retire — but the reeks have returned once more… Pat Mills (w) / Colin MacNeil (a).
Defoe created by Pat Mills & Leigh Gallagher

1968. It is several decades since Mars waged war on Earth, and the major nations have access to Martian-derived technology. Britain, however, is still recovering from Martian bombardment in the 1940s, when much of the south of England was destroyed. This was followed by the arrival in the 1950s of two million Venusians, seeking refuge from Martian occupation. Now, the Martians are planning to wipe out the solar system…
Scarlet Traces created by Ian Edginton & D’Israeli

The planet that eventually became known as DEADWORLD was once a regular civilisation existing in a dimension parallel to our own. But the end of days is coming: riots, storms, food shortages. Creatures known as the Dark Judges are spreading their contagion, exterminating all life. Judge Fairfax and his ward Jess are being held by the resistance, but the militia stronghold has been infiltrated by the Dark Judges
Cursed: The Fall of Deadworld created by Kek-W & Dave Kendall

‘Bad Bob’ Booth’s Beefy Bully Boys! – Cliff Robinson‘Bad Bob’…

‘Sons of Booth’: cover art – Prog 2031 by Cliff Robinson

Robert L. ‘Bad Bob’ Booth, last President of USA: cover art Prog 1518 by Mark Harrison

Bad BobBooth’s Beefy Bully Boys! – Cliff Robinson

‘Bad Bob’ Bangs the Button! – Mark Harrison

A radical party, ‘Sons of Booth’, supporters of the worst U.S. President in history (the natural successor to Trump, maybe?!), Robert L.Bad Bob Booth – the man responsible for the Atomic Wars of 2070 – have got the crazy notion that Booth wasn’t put into suspended animation for his crimes, as was the official verdict, imposed by former Chief-Judge Solomon, but instead escaped out into the Cursed Earth

They’re right, of course. Booth was in sus-an, but robot medics, Snap, Crackle & Pop

who replaced his blood annually to keep him alive, began to attack and drain blood from nearby villagers, when Fort Knox was hit by a bomb in later years. This led to Booth being inadvertently revived in 2100, whereupon Judge Dredd sentenced him to life working on a Kentucky farm in the Cursed Earth.

Booth wasn’t going to stand for being ordered around by his nemesis, a Mega-City Judge, or having to perform menial labour for the rest of his life, so once again he tried to wrest power for himself.

He easily took control of the work farm and gradually amassed followers, taking control of widespread Cursed Earth, anti-judicial guerrilla movement the New Mutant Army

To further achieve his lofty ambitions of power, Booth had discovered the long-lost body of Chief-Judge Eustace Fargo (the first, and greatest Chief-Judge, whose genetic stock supplied Dredd’s clone), with which he planned to ransom Mega-City One, and reinstate himself as President (see Origins).

During this caper he kidnapped Judge Dredd, but was himself taken hostage during Dredd’s escape and used as a human shield. His underpaid and demoralised army were not impressed and simply shot him, reasoning that they could always elect another president!

Surely, following this power-obsessed madman is not the way forward for democratic citizens..find out their real motivations in next week’s Prog 2031 – Judge Dredd: “Sons of Booth” [2] by T.C. Eglington (w) & Nick Dyer (a).

This week in 2000ad history – before and after

This week in 2000ad history – before and after