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G.I. vs. SD!High-class artwork from top art droid, the…

G.I. vs. SD!

High-class artwork from top art droid, the incomparable Chris Weston, for Hachette’s new Ultimate 2000AD Collection (as seen on TV!) – featuring an intensely intriguing barroom arm wrestling contest between two of the galaxy’s hardest – Johnny Alpha, the ultimate bounty hunter and the Rogue Trooper, bred specifically for war by the future’s finest military minds.

Who has the edge: Alpha with his psychic abilities or Rogue’s strength and battlefield tactics, who’re your credits on…?

OK, OK the previews have taken a short break, but they’re…

Judge Dredd: Hot Rod Cop! – Brendan McCarthy (a)

Hunted – The wicked ‘Traitor General’ remains one-step ahead of his nemesis, Rogue Trooper! Richard Elson (a)

The terrifying S.J.S Judge Pin – don’t get in his bad books! Chris Weston (a)

Things get decidedly dodgy in ‘Grey Area’… Art by Mark Harrison

OK, OK the previews have taken a short break, but they’re back, and it also gives us a chance to show you all of our latest covers,

. in their full magnificence!

And what a trio of treasures we have, future classics among them, surely..? And, strangely, mostly portraits – sort of.. 

  • Prog 2034 – The brilliant Brendan McCarthy (Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors, etc..) kicks it, most definitely, off with this typically dangerous, dramatic, dayglo duel, between Dredd and a stupid, or ill informed, mutated perp from the Cursed Earth who thinks he can run from, or even race the fearless lawman…
  • Prog 2035 – The nefarious “Traitor General” – betrayer of the Genetic Infantrymen and long-term quarry of the last surviving G.I., the Rogue Trooper! – art by Richard Elson (Kingdom, Atavar)
  • Prog 2036 – Ruthless S.J.S – (Special Judicial Squad) or ‘the Judges who judge the Judges – veteran, Judge Pin has his own ‘Dexter’-style answer to those he deems unworthy to exist, by his own twisted, mockery of justice.. Stunning cover by top art droid, Chris Weston (Indigo Prime, Judge Dredd)
  • Prog 2037 – ‘Resting Bitch-Face’ & the human crew of the E.T.C, officers of alien quarantine zone, the Grey Area, come up against a seemingly overwhelmingly powerful extraterrestrial invasion force.. Cover by series art droid, Mark Harrison (Durham Red, Bradley).