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2000 AD Art Comp. Jul’17 – The World of Pat Mills – Various…

2000 AD Art Comp. Jul’17 – The World of Pat Mills – Various Artists

A great choice from last month’s forum art competition winner, Steve Denton, for this month’s topic: The World of Pat Mills, or the Millseverse, if you will.

As well as helping Tharg the Mighty create and found the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, this prolific comics genius also populated 2000AD with some of its most memorable and beloved characters.

Including, of course, ABC Warriors, Defoe, Flesh, Metalzoic, Nemesis the Warlock, Ro-Busters, Slaine and many, many more 2K greats, not to mention huge success abroad, with Requiem: Vampire Knight in France and Marshal Law in the U.S, to name but two!

But, naturally we are focusing on his stellar work for Tharg’s illustrious organ, and we have some suitably fine entries to honour the great man…

  • Two of Mills’ best known characters, and at opposing ends of the heroic team of war droids known as the ABC Warriors; the treacherous Blackblood, and noble leader, Hammerstein! Art by Anthony Coppin.
  • A vicious ‘Thargosaurus’ rips apart a lesser script droid, but seems placated by the offerings of the talented Mr. Mills – something to get his teeth into! Art by James Newell.
  • We love this spoof movie poster featuring the greatest giant robot apes in the history of comics! Armageddon, the Machiavellian psycho-gorilla leader of the Mekaka tribe, from Mills’ riveting (sorry!) robot evolution-saga, Metalzoic; versus Mytek the Mighty, the supersized, synthetic simian, created in the 1960s when Britain still held an empire,  a protector for colonial whites in Africa, built to scare the ‘superstitious’ locals off their land, but revamped by Si Spencer for the 1992 2000AD Action Special (which featured a number of forgotten classic British comic characters) as a one-off story, where a real giant Mytek gorilla, defender of the African tribes-people, fights a robot Mytek controlled by white colonialists to oppress the local populace. Ok, not a Mills creation (perish the thought!) but this would be one of hell of a heavy metal scrap!
  • Dino-might! Mills proves that non-talking, extinct species, in his capable hands, can become unforgettable, beloved characters. Even a dynasty of blood-thirsty, man-eating tyrannosaurs. Sired by Ol’ One Eye, the gigantic, ferocious hag T-Rex, villainous star of time-travelling cowboys & dinos hit series, Flesh, many of her progeny (those she didn’t eat!) went on to feature in other Mills’ penned-series: Satanus, in Judge Dredd & Nemesis the Warlock, Golgotha in ABC Warriors & the mysterious Gorehead, affected by time-dilation, enabling him to phase in and out of existence, is the main protagonist of the current Flesh series. Art by Alan Byrom.
  • First of a terrific set of ensemble character pieces, featuring most of Mills magnificent major players, including ABC Warriors, Hammerstein, Mongrol & Joe Pineapples, Nemesis the Warlock & Torquemada, Ro-BustersHoward Quartz & Ro-Jaws, Slaine, Bill Savage and Defoe. Art by Grant Herbert.
  • A similar line-up, but also adding: Judge Dredd’s corrupt brother, Rico, Nemesis’ human ally, Purity Brown and Slaine’s partner-in-crime, Ukko the Dwarf. Art by James London.
  • Aptly titled ‘Comic Rock’, the inspiration for the first two Nemesis the Warlock episodes, based on classic rock tracks by The Jam and AC/DC, this comprehensive character montage includes Mills’ work outside 2000AD at the top of frame: Charley Bourne from Mills’ classic anti-war epic, Charley’s War, US hit superhero-hater, Marshal Law and popular French fantasy series, Requiem Vampire Knight. Nemesis the Warlock opens his cloak to usher forth more 2K characters, including The Visible Man, Shako, Black Siddha, Third World War’s Eve (Crisis), Deadlock, Dinosty & many more.. Leigh Shepherd.
  • Gorgeous black and white study featuring all the major players: Slaine, Nemesis the Warlock, Finn and Satanus, fronted by their creator, the prolific, still rebellious and relevant as ever, Pat Mills. Art by Andy Lambert.

 Sir, we salute you..!