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We’re recommending just some of the best horror 2000 AD and the Treasury of British Comics has to offer – from all-time chilling classics like Monster and The Thirteenth Floor to malevolent modern marvels such as Zombo and Cradlegrave, and even fingernail-biting fantasy with Tales of Telguuth!

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Twelve-year old Kenneth Corman buried his abusive father outside his creaky old family home. The thing that had killed him was inside, lurking in the darkness of a locked room. For all of his young life, Kenneth had been plagued by a feeling that there was something horrific dwelling in his house of secrets. But he had to know what was up there. He had to know what had killed his dad. Now it was time to face the horror behind the door…  Co-created by Alan Moore (Watchmen) and Heinzl (Doomlord), with additional story by John Wagner (Judge Dredd), Alan Grant (Batman) and Jesus Redondo (Return to Armageddon), this fear-inducing tale from the pages of Scream! is collected here in its entirety for the first time!


Judge Death, a twisted alien being from a dimension where all life is crime, has escaped from a Mega-City One containment facility and is headed for the radioactive hell of the Cursed Earth. Here his path of destruction continues as he searches for the means to destroy all humanity. This macabre road trip takes Death through the twisted remains of Las Vegas, teams him up with two cold-blooded serial killers, and shows him that the true path to annihilation lies deep below the desert sands. Written by John Wagner (Judge Dredd, A History of Violence) and illustrated by Frazer Irving (Klarion the Witchboy, Xombi).


Maxwell Tower is a state-of-the art tower block: a bold, experimental council tenement, run by an A.I. called Max. As building superintendent, Max’s primary function is the welfare of his tenants, a duty which he takes very very seriously. If anyone threatens his precious residents or the building itself, they can expect a visit to the thirteenth floor… A place where nightmare and reality become one! The iconic series from classic British anthologies Scream! and Eagle returns in this terrifying collection!


When Flight 303 crash-lands on the lethal deathworld known as Chronos, all is not looking well for the surviving passengers. Enter Zombo; a top secret goverment experiment – part zombie, part human ghoul, with a taste for living flesh and aspirations of pop stardom! Written by Al Ewing (Avengers) and with gorgeous art by Henry Flint (Judge Dredd), witness the undead as you’ve never seen them before! Grab a bite to eat and settle down with Volume One and Volume Two


The Mega-Cities that are home to the last vestiges of humanity are constantly preyed upon by bestial forces from beyond the realms of decency. Thankfully such monstrosities are kept at bay by spiritual envoys employed by Vatican City such as Devlin Waugh – a Brit-Cit born bon viveur and jolly good fellow to boot! When Vatican precognitive telepaths predict a horrific presence at the underwater prison of Aquatraz, Devlin is sent in to investigate and uncovers an uncompromising evil which will cause him to cancel elevenses and abandon the Queensbury rules in order to survive! Created by the pairing of distinguished scribe John Smith (Indigo Prime) and the illustrious artist Sean Phillips (Criminal), with additional art from Steve Yeowell (Zenith), Swimming in Blood sets the precedent in elegant, pugnacious fiction!


Deadworld was once a planet similar to Earth, until Judge Death and his lieutenants Fear, Fire and Mortis deemed that as only the living could break the law, life itself should be a crime. As the Dark Judges set out to bring extinction to their world, Judge Fairfax and a family of farmers attempt to escape the chaos. Is it possible for the living to evade to cold, icy grasp of Death? Chilling body horror from the warped imaginations of Kek-W (Indigo Prime) and Dave Kendall (Event Horizon), with the extra Dreams of Deadworld strips, giving an extraordinary insight into the undead psyches of the internationally famous super-fiends.


After serving eight months at a Young Offenders Institution for arson, Shane Holt returns to his home on the Ravenglade Estate during a long, hot summer. Plagued by the ASBO generation, the estate has seen its fair share of problems but nothing comes close to the horror that lurks within Ted and Mary’s council home… From the extraordinary mind of John Smith (Devlin Waugh) with art by Edmund Bagwell (Indigo Prime), this contemporary urban horror is guaranteed to deliver the chills!


Herein this tome of terror, the merciless alien editor of 2000 AD, Tharg the Mighty presents tales so frightening – so outrageously scary, they should come with a health warning … Including blood-soaked romance A Love Like Blood and Necronauts, where Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Fort and H.P. Lovecraft team up to prevent a malevolent force from enslaving mankind! This fear-filled treat features the fantastic artwork of ‘Freaky’ Frazer Irving, with stories by ‘Growling’ Gordon Rennie and ‘Jittery’ John Smith.


In March 2014, British comics lost one of its most creative and distinct voices in the form of Steve Moore. This collection features the highly-regarded fantasy series Tales of Telguuth, which Moore developed and wrote for 2000 AD. Filled with weird fantasy and terrifying horror, ravenous spirits and capricious gods prey on the weak and foolish in a collection that’s guaranteed to leave a mark.