Preview: PROG 2099  19-09-18All stories come t…

Preview: PROG 2099  19-09-18

All stories come to their circuit-shattering conclusion this week to make way for the ghafflebette landmark, PROG 2100… more about this bumper milestone issue and JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #400, of course! – very soon – stay tuned!
As mentioned this Prog winds up Judge Dredd, Survival Geeks, Mechastopheles & The Order to their thrill-powered conclusions, as well as a bonus Future Shock from debutantes, Mark  McCann and cover droid extraordinaire, Adam Brown.
Talking of zarjaz cover droids, check out this week’s top frontage by the super-talented, Karl Richardson from his current series, Mechastopheles.

Mega-City One, 2140 AD. Home to over 100 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Crime is rampant, and only the Judges — future law-enforcers empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law! Now, terror cell the Sons of Booth, armed with a Stupid Gun, are attempting to free the last President…  T.C. Eglington (w) / Staz Johnson (a).
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra 

Somewhere in the outer limits of space/time, plunging through the planes of reality, is what looks like a regular suburban two-up two-down, but it is in fact powered by misfiring transdimensional technology. Inside live sci-fi obsessives Clive, Rufus and Simon, plus reluctant housemate Sam and pet Cthulhu Howard: explorers on the edge of beyond. Now, they’re on a world plagued by murderous Slashers
Survival Geeks created by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby & Neil Googe 

It is over a year since the Fall, when the demons rose and society collapsed. A band of survivors have sought refuge in a demonically powered robot called MECHASTOPHELES, and they use this infernal ark as a means to seek sanctuary. When Mechastopheles needed repairing, he was granted passage into the city of Benedictia, but the authorities had plans of their own for him. Now he’s breaking out…
Mechastopheles created by Gordon Rennie, Lawrence Rennie & Karl Richardson 


Out in the vast reaches of the universe, there are an infinite number of stories waiting to be told. These cautionary tales pass from traveller to traveller in the spaceports and around campfires on distant planets, acquiring the status of legend, their shocking ends a salutory lesson in hubris. Anything is possible in these twisted trips into the galaxy’s dark side. Abandon your preconceptions, and expect the unexpected…
Talk’s Cheap created by Mark McCann & Adam Brown 


Throughout history, mankind has been under threat of extermination by the Wyrms, creatures from another plane that systematically break into our reality. Defending humanity are the men and women of THE ORDER, a secret band of warriors that have fought the entities across the centuries. But the Wyrms have fractured time, and Anna Kohl has been crossing the dimensions in search of her love, Ritterstahl
The Order created by Kek-W & John Burns