Return of the Rogue!

Return of the Rogue!

Can’t wait for the hotly anticipated Rogue Trooper movie and need some future war action courtesy of the chem-shrouded battlefields of Nu Earth?

Or perhaps you’re  a newcomer to the adventures of the ultimate blue-skinned warrior, the last G. I. (Genetic Infantryman), Rogue Trooper and would like to learn more?

Look no further then, reprinted here is the very first Rogue Trooper strip from Prog 228 (5Sep’81) written by Gerry Finley-Day, and drawn, of course, by the mighty Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Give Me Liberty).

The Rogue Trooper first appears to a Souther unit, on the chem-shrouded battlefields of Nu Earth, who, some believe, is just a myth – a story to scare the enemy Nort troops – but are soon dragged into a deadly firefight, and need the blue-skinned genetic infantryman – the last G.I. – to pull their less experienced butts out of the fire. With a newfound respect for the lone, clone trooper the Souther recruits now have a great war story to tell their grandkids – if they survive the grim reality of future war that is!

We have also included a couple of early Dave Gibbons covers, featuring Rogue and his ever-present bio-chipped buddies (in essence the personalities of his fallen comrades stored in computer chips, housed in his equipment): BagmanGunnar & Helm.

  • First ever Rogue Trooper cover (Prog 228, 5sep’81) – Dave Gibbons.
  • Classic cover (Prog 241, 5Dec’81) action featuring Rogue’s bio-chipped buddies, Bagman (backpack), Gunnar (rifle), and Helm (helmet) by Dave Gibbons.

Last, but by no means least, Rogue returns in this year’s summer special “The Thousand Days”, from the all-new, female creative team of Alex De Campi (w) & Sam Beck (a).