2000 AD Prog 1575 – Cover Date 27th February 2…

2000 AD Prog 1575 – Cover Date 27th February 2008
The Creeping Terror – Stickleback Faces The Horrors From Beyond

Cover art by D’Israeli

It’s all ending in Judge Dredd this week – specifically the life of PJ Maybe’s latest victim who gets drowned in jelly and I mean, if you’ve gotta go in MC-1 there are worse ways.

Stickleback, Kingdom and Strontium Dog are also nearing their ends. Special mention must be made of an excellent cameo in Stickleback of one Dick (Richard) Sharpe. He doesn’t last long but it’s quite fun to see him.

In this prog:

Judge Dredd: Emphatically Evil – The Life and Crimes of PJ Maybe
Script: John Wagner / Art: Colin MacNeil / Colours: Chris Blythe / Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Stickleback: England’s Glory
Script: Ian Edgington / Art: D’Israeli / Letters: Ellie De Ville

Kingdom: The Promised Land
Script: Dan Abnett / Art: Richard Elson / Letters: Simon Bowland

Terror Tales: The Talisman
Script: Arthur Wyatt / Art: Duane Redhead / Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Strontium Dog: The Glum Affair
Script: John Wagner / Art: Carlos Ezquerra / Letters: Ellie De Ville