2000 AD Prog 1082 – Cover Date 17th February 1…

2000 AD Prog 1082 – Cover Date 17th February 1998
Last Stand!

Cover art by Steve Yeowell

Judge Dredd: Missing reaches a turning point this week as the circumstances around Dredd’s kidnapping are revealed and DeMarco, Giant and Guthrie start to close in on the Cronix the people-collector.

In this prog:

Judge Dredd: Missing
Script: John Wagner / Art: Lee Sullivan / Colours: Alan Craddock / Letters: Tom Frame

Sinister Dexter: Taking The Mick
Script: Dan Abnett / Art: Steve Yeowell / Letters: Ellie De Ville

Nikolai Dante: The Gulag Apocalyptic
Script: Robbie Morrison / Art: Henry Flint / Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Vector 13: Case Five – Seal of Solomon
Script: Gordon Rennie / Art: Alex Ronald / Colours: Gary Caldwell / Letters: Steve Potter

Durham Red: The Scarlet Cantos
Script: Dan Abnett / Art: Mark Harrison / Letters: Ellie De Ville