2000 AD Prog 2008 – Cover Date 12th December 2…

2000 AD Prog 2008 – Cover Date 12th December 2007 to 1st January 2008
Cosmic! Join the Dark Stars of Tomorrow for Maximum Thrill-Power

Cover art by Clint Langley

Published 10 years ago! It’s the ninth bumper 100 page Christmas prog and it’s a corker. Lots of lovely stuff to bridge the gap between Christmas and New Year. There’s probably too much in it to pick one highlight but I think it’ll have to be Shakara because it just looks so good.

In this prog:

Judge Dredd: The Spirit of Christmas
Script: John Wagner / Art: Colin MacNeil / Colours: Chris Bylthe / Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Shakara: The Defiant part 1
Script: Robbie Morrison / Art: Henry Flint / Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Kingdom: The Promised Land part 1
Script: Dan Abnett / Art: Richard Elson / Letters: Simon Bowland

Nikolai Dante: Destiny’s Child
Script: Robbie Morrison / Art: John Burns / Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Stickleback: England’s Glory part 1
Script: Ian Edgington / Art: D’Israeli / Letters: Ellie De Ville

Sinister Dexter: Inner Waldorf Hire and Dice
Script: Dan Abnett / Art: Simon Davis / Letters: Ellie De Ville

Caballistics, Inc.: The Nativity
Script: Gordon Rennie / Art: Dom Reardon / Letters: Simon Bowland

Strontium Dog: The Glum Affair part 1
Note: can’t find the credit box for this one…
Script: John Wagner / Art: Carlos Ezquerra / Letters: ?