2000 AD Prog 1061 – Cover Date 23rd September 1997Double…

2000 AD Prog 1061 – Cover Date 23rd September 1997
Double Trouble! Double-Length Finale for Future Hitmen Sinister Dexter
Cover art by SB Davis

Published 20 years ago this week!
The 1997 Summer Offensive ends this week as all stories end to make way for next week’s Autumn Attack. Very violent imagery.

In this prog:
Judge Dredd: Spooks part 4
Script: John Wagner / Art: Calum Alexander Watt / Letters: Tom Frame
Sinister Dexter: Murder 101 part 11
Script: Dan Abnett / Art: SB Davis / Letters: Ellie De Ville
Anderson, Psi-Division: Crusade part 12
Script: Alan Grant / Art: Steve Sampson / Letters: Steve Potter
Witchworld: Closing Shadows part 3
Script: Gordon Rennie / Art: John Burns / Letters: Ellie De Ville