2000 AD Prog 1024 – Cover Date 7th January 1997Warped Warrior!…

2000 AD Prog 1024 – Cover Date 7th January 1997
Warped Warrior! Slaine Searches For The Treasures of Britain
Cover art by Jason Brashill

Published 20 years ago this week.

Four new thrills this week – Slaine returns in the second book of The Treasures of Britain, Janus Psi Division in a strip I barely remember reading the first time, Vector 13 for more Cases, and Sinister Dexter go on holiday. A happy new year!

In this prog:
Slaine: The Treasures of Britain Book Two part 1 – Script: Pat Mills / Art: Dermot Power / Letters: Tom Frame
Janus – Psi Division: Faustus part 1 – Script: Mark Millar & Grant Morrison / Art: Paul Johnson / Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Vector 13 – Case One: Devil In The Deep Blue Sea – Script: Steve White / Art: Henry Flint / Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Sinister Dexter: Gunshark Vacation part 1 – Script: Dan Abnett / Art: SB Davis / Letters: Steve Potter
Judge Dredd: Darkside part 8 – Script: John Smith / Art: Paul Marshall / Colours: Alan Craddock / Letters: Tom Frame
Havok: Pteravre “Razor” – Script: Robbie Morrison / Art: Robert McCallum & David Millgate / Lettering: Annie Parkhouse